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Located in the center of the archipelago, this volcanic island is the most visited in the Galapagos. Its capital town of Puerto Ayora hosts approximately 18,000 residents. Here, you’ll find the Charles Darwin Station, many of the best restaurants in the Islands, great souvenir outlets and a vibrant nightlife.

What to do:

  • Discover Giant Tortoises in the wild.
  • Dive in one of the most amazing underwater natural reservers of the planet.
  • Get up early to check the daily catch at the fish market.
  • Hike through subterranean lava tubes in the highlands.
  • Visit the Charles Darwin Station, where critical research on the ecology and conservation of the Galapagos takes place.
  • Snorkel and swi with sea lions, rays and colorful fish.
  • Join a world class day-trips to one of the nearby inhabited islands: Bartolomew, North Seymour or Plazas.
  • Discover two collapsed magma chambers at Los Gemelos (twins).
  • Explore white sandy beaches with clear turquoise water, where natural wildlife like marine iguanas, seabirds, and white tipped reef sharks can frequently be spotted.
  • Kayak along lava channels filled with different species of boobies, gulls, and sharks in Devine Bay.



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