Undiscovered Colombia: Culture, Food and Walking Journey, 11 Days

Days: 11
FROM: $2860*

Activities: Hands-on Cultural immersion, Foodie Experiences, Walking and Hiking.

Your journey starts with a cultural, artistic and gastronomic exploration of Bogota and continues on a northern journey into the perfectly preserved world of the “pueblos”, where you´ll learn about their history, meet the locals, and have authentic, hands-on cultural experiences. We next turn our sights to the Caribbean, and the jungle wonders of the stunning Tayrona National Park and its remaining pre-Hispanic culture. Our adventure ends it with an immersion into the historic treasures of Cartagena, and a true Caribbean foodie excursion. This is an extraordinary high-end, soft adventure with superior guides and beautiful, luxury hotels.

*Rates apply for groups of 5 passengers or more. Rates are subject to change

Trip Highlights

  • Explore a colonial town decorated in a million fossils
  • Hike to the lake where life began – according to ancient tradition.
  • Help maintain the 15th century patrimonial town through a mud workshop.
  • Hike 16th century royal roads with magical views and fascinating stories
  • Try the local gastronomy based on “hormigas culonas”, or fat-bottom ants. Yes ants!
  • Discover a 5th century stone city and the living culture of the Tayrona’s.
  • Discover Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ magic realism through a Cartagena foodie experience.


DAY 1: Arrive Bogota
DAY 2: La Candelaria Walking Tour. Transfer To Villa De Leyva
DAY 3: Iguaque Cloud Forest Hike and Fossil Valley Exploration
DAY 4: Transfer to Barichara and Walking Tour
DAY 5: Guane Royal Roads and Barichara Architecture Workshop
DAY 6: Chicamocha Gorge Hike and El Roble Coffee Hacienda
DAY 7: Organic Coffee Tour and Transfer to Santa Marta
DAY 8: Tayrona National Park Hike to Stone City
DAY 9: Transfer to Cartagena and Street Tour
DAY 10: San Felipe Fortress and the Magic Realism Foodie Experience
DAY 11: Transfer Out

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